Antenen Research has a soft spot in our hearts for Puma robots.  Although we do not actively buy and sell Puma robots any more, we still have a few around the shop that we keep as a reminder of our history. 

Pumas were one of the first robots that we worked on. They were versatile, easy to operate and program, and seemingly lasted forever. We always had a number of top quality, rebuilt Puma 260, Puma 560, Puma 761 and Puma 762 VAL II and UNIVAL robots available.

To this day Pumas remain popular with teaching institutions, academic professionals and R&D facilities. We count many of the very best university and college robotics and R&D programs as very satisfied and repeat customers.

All of our robots passed through our mechanical and electrical rebuild areas where they were thoroughly tested before receiving new bearings, motors, drives, boards and cables as needed. After a complete lubrication they must pass another series of rigorous tests before they are ready to ship. They leave (for domestic final destination) with a comprehensive one year warranty covering all electrical and mechanical parts.

As a final PUMA footnote: The original prototype Programmable Universal Machine for Assembly (PUMA) robot is now part of the Smithsonian Institution's National Museum of American History. One reason is based on the PUMA robot's early positive impact on factory productivity. It joins a distinguished Smithsonian collection of other historically important robots that include an early Unimate robot.


Puma 200 Product Specification PDF