Assembly Robots

Assembly Robots

The strength and power of assembly robots, like all robots, is that they can work 24 hours a day. Productivity is constant and at a consistent level of quality that you program into the robot. As product lifecycles shorten and market demand moves from mass production to mass customization, Antenen Research understands that the flexible automation solution that assembly robots offer can provide manufacturers with the competitive advantage they are looking for and need.

Not only does Antenen Research carry the largest selection of used assembly robots in North America, we know what to do with them. We have successfully rebuilt and supported hundreds of Adepts, Seikos, Motoman, Fanuc and Staubli assembly robots in customer facilities around the globe.

To make sure that a customer will realize a cost benefit return, Antenen Research helps them select the robot carefully so that the parameters of payload, reach and cycle time not only have the capacity to meet their current application but also provide room for future flexible growth. We understand the need to have additional or extra capacity to deal with the unplanned situation or expansion (stretching) of the application.

In recommending an assembly robot for you, Antenen Research focuses on the above parameters and based on 20 years of experience, thoughtfully and professionally considers the robot's design and life expectancy. We avoid recommending a light duty robotic arm with small bearings, small harmonic drives, and motors that is a less expensive investment, may run for a while but will be overworked, in order to win your business.

Antenen Research considers satisfied customers a priority and we have built an industry leading reputation based on that customer focus, creating long term "win-win" customer relationships.