ABB Robots

ABB is a world class leader of robot-based automation, with more than 100,000 robots supplied worldwide.

When one of Antenen Research's customers express a need for a safe and well-built industrial robot with outstanding performance, Antenen Research knows that ABB is a smart, value-driven option for them. ABB robots together with controllers, software, application equipment and robot peripherals form outstanding combinations for flexible robot based automation solutions.

ABB has developed solution systems which work well in the full range of production environments, from the unchallenging to the most stressful. It has accomplished this by working closely with equipment manufacturers, integrators and end end-users from all over the world

Feedback to us points to ABB robots being able to provide increased productivity, better economics (ROI) and higher product quality, both tolerance and consistency wise, in your facility.

Antenen Research's energetic trained and experienced staff of engineers, technicians and customer service reps are well-experienced in the rebuilding and servicing of the ABB robots we offer for sale. We stand ready to provide you with the most for your project budget with top quality, low-hour used and rebuilt ABB robots.

We stand behind what we sell!