Medical Testing Kit Assembly Robots

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Antenen Robotics is designing robotic cells that help to assemble COVID-19 Testing Kits.  We are working with testing kit manufacturers to automate their assembly processes to get the kits out to the public as quickly and cost effectively as possible. 



The following diagram provides a preliminary design of one of our projects:

Covid-19 Testing Kit Assembly Robotic Cell

This cell is designed to attach COVID-19 testing strips (cards) onto sheets to prepare the tests for distribution.  

As the diagram shows, one of our NextLife Certified refurbished robots will be positioned next to a conveyor belt along with empty sheets and trays of testing strips.  The robot will use a 12 cup gripper to move a sheet from the stack onto to the conveyor belt.  It will then pick up 12 testing strips from the tray and place them onto the sheets. The strips are designed to stick to the sheets.  The sheets will then move down the conveyor-belt to the operator for inspection.   We also have the ability to offer a robot with a 24 cup gripper attachment that could significantly increase output.


Volume Projections for Robotic Test Kit Assembly Cell:

Volume projections of test strip assembly robotic cell


Let us help you automate your COVID-19 testing kit assembly process. We will design an efficient and economical cell tailored to your specific needs. We can have robots ready to ship in as little as two weeks. Our NextLife Certified Robots come ready to work for 50 to 70% less than buying new.

Call us at 800-323-9555 or click button to request a quore for a testing kit assembly cell.