Why chose Antenen Robotics?

Fanuc Robotic Welding System on GantryWhether deploying a welding robot or another robotic application you should keep in mind that Industrial Robots specialize in repetitive jobs that are challenging, hazardous and often dull. Because of the powerful structure of robot systems integrations, robots are capable of performing a wide variety of assembly work, including lifting heavy articles, welding, painting, handling chemicals and much more. For instance, a closer look at a plasma robot will reveal how these machines can perform monotonous assembly work. Increasingly North American manufacturers are using automation to level the playing field with lower-wage international competitors.

Antenen Robotics is able to help smaller businesses succeed and get the most for their capital investment in automation. In many cases, companies that design their first robot application fall into these categories. A used robot system from Antenen Robotics is a cost-effective alternative to a new system-generally providing capital savings of more than 50 percent compared to a new robot. That assistance of our experienced staff is a significant benefit for first-time users, providing the extra time and attention they need to understand their current system and provide knowledge to build on that success in future projects. When it comes to a first-time robot installation, we recommend selecting a simple job application such as machine loading or parts handling instead of a more complicated task such as trimming or polishing.

The support we we provide does not end with installation. We offer ongoing phone support in case you run into a problem.